Video Upload Project - 5 websites parsing (Google Chrome --Headless)

60 000 руб. за проект • электронные деньги
11 сентября 2018, 23:25 • 4 отклика • 43 просмотра
There are websites the 5 the (adult ֿ / porno)

the Should of the System The The develop in GoLang / nodejs

the Up Up to the Need the build a system does That:

1. Create the accounts the - We will provide data for account creation
* The the Message: Message: Captcha solving integration
* Support the the Proxies
2. Scrape the the videos
3. the Upload the videos Edit Have WaterMark and the videos - the Add SocialNetwork
4. the Comment the videos - Spintax supported
* That verification posted

Multi Thread A supported.

I have the Sample of authorization code in Python.
Leave your experience and Telegram from more communication.