Uploading ANY application to appstore, we will test installations

20 000 руб. за проект • наличный расчёт, электронные деньги
30 сентября 2018, 13:04 • 2 отклика • 44 просмотра

I need to test mobile application installation from traffic sources that i have.
Need someone that have apple developer account and can upload ANY app that will bypass all terms and conditions by apple.

Also this app needs to have SDK for analytics of traffic source of installation and usage.
It's important it will be app with 0 installations once uploaded fresh.

Leave your telegram/skype

Note: Developer need to have app, i don't have.
Goal: Test traffic and installations.

I need to have full access to analytics of the app, in order to see installations and engagment

Payment via btc/webmoney/paypal