Distributed social management system (Bot Platform)

300 000 руб. за проект • наличный расчёт
08 февраля 2019, 01:13 • 6 откликов • 96 просмотров

Growing marketing company, interested in developing a new marketing platform.
Group of security researcher which conduct mobile app (iOS / Android)
Writing custom APIs to communicate with the original app server.

NOTE: We will provide access to current platform as reference.

Technology stack:
Python (senior level)
Django web framework
Redis for caching
Celery + RabbitMQ for task distribution queue
Amazon services expirence

UI: WebUI + flower + RabbitMQ web ui

Proxy system functions:
  • Localhost based proxy2proxy system
  • Multiple accounts, multiple proxy systems support
  • Requests logging: Bot ID, proxy IP used
  • Requests replay per request or session
  • Requests logging: session, url, text
  • Proxy selection rules: random, country, speed
  • Emergency stop of all the

    bot functions:
    • Account registration
    • Account information management
    • Keep alive: permanent, on demand, relogon if required
    • Actions: like, follow, message send / reply, comments, data scrape / etc ...
    • MQ communications with broker

    System components:
    • Web interface
    • Rest API
    • Database
    • Distributed task management Message Queue
Orders processing:

  • Collect orders for tasks from third party sites
  • Process orders
  • Send ack that order processed
Acceptance required:
Platform of tasks (like, follow, message, comment, etc ..) upto 500k an hour.